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PFAS - the Forever Chemical

PFAS is known as the - Forever Chemical - and continues to draw global attention to its impact on, and the important issues surrounding, one of our most critical natural resources ... water. Agilent and our partners play an important part in helping deliver a wide range of solutions to address these issues, and we continue to focus our work in the area of PFAS.

PFAS - the Forever Chemical


Nothing about PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances)—from how they are made, to their unique characteristics, to how they need to be analyzed—is easy. These man-made chemicals were developed to simplify our lives, but now decades later, they have become a serious problem due to their elusive and persistent nature, hence the nickname’ The Forever Chemical.’ What is clear is that PFAS contamination is an environmental and growing health issue, but what is less clear is how to address and manage this issue. 

Agilent Solutions

Agilent provides solutions for the detection and analysis of PFAS. Complete end-to-end workflows for extraction, quantification, and reporting of PFAS in the environment. These includes sample containment, sample preparation tools, extraction products, and ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry.

Routine and regulatory quantification of PFAS can be achieved with the use of Agilent's extremely sensitive, reliable and robust tandem quadrupole LC/MS (LC-MS/MS) instrumentation while identification of new and novel PFAS in the environment is possible with the accurate mass, high resolution quadrupole time of flight (Q-TOF) instrumentation.


Agilent technologies and solutions are used to ensure the safety of the world's drinking water.  Agilent has developed protocols for measuring and analyzing PFAS , assessing environmental volatiles , detecting trace organic compounds , and determining microscopic concentrations of elements  in wastewater and water samples. Agilent works with environmental researchers around the world to solve water issues and test water reuse schemes, to provide safe and sustainable water sources for everyone.