Media Rooms

Agilent Media Rooms

The Agilent Media Rooms highlight areas of particular focus or interest, and Agilent's expertise or involvement in that area. These Media Rooms range from major conferences, to new product introductions, and hot topics such as environmental issues like PFAS and also microplastics, as well as some of the research being done by Agilent customers and collaborators around the world.


    • Microplastics

      Microplastic and nanoplastic particles are found almost everywhere in the environment. Inevitably, global concerns are emergent due to the unknown implications for human health and diverse ecosystems.

      Agilent Media Room

    • World Water Week

      World Water Week draws global attention to the important issues surrounding one of our most critical natural resources. Agilent and our partners play an important part in helping deliver a wide range of solutions to address these issues, and this year we are focusing on our work in the area of PFAS.

      Agilent Media Room

    • Agilent Frederick Facility

      New Agilent Facility to Increase Agilent's Capacity to Produce Nucleic Acid-Based Therapeutics

      Agilent Media Room

    • ASMS 2019

      Agilent Showcases Mass Spec Solutions at ASMS 2019 Powerful solutions for today's mass spectrometry laboratory

      Agilent Media Room

    • Agilent Gas Chromatography (GC)

      GC Media Event
      18 March 2019

      Agilent Media Room

    • Agilent Molecular Spectrometry

      Media Event
      1 November 2018

      Agilent Media Room

    • Videos

      Agilent Media Room