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Cancer Research - Every Day Counts

Wherever cancer research is in the pipeline, from the early discovery of cellular pathology to clinical trials to characterizing biologics in production or developing new diagnostic tools, Agilent is there. Focused on helping ensure success with solutions that will enable advances in cancer research, diagnostics, and therapeutic development. Agilent’s commitment to helping conquer cancer is strong.

Cancer Research

Overview of Agilent's Cancer Research Solutions

Agilent has a long history of supporting the cancer research community. We know that when you provide creative scientists and physicians with the tools they need to fight cancer, amazing things can happen. From new understandings of tumor genomic microheterogeneity to increasingly powerful and precise therapies such as checkpoint inhibitors to new companion diagnostics enabling personalized therapies and new diagnostic tools that can guide patient care decisions with more precision than ever–progress is happening.

Agilent Solutions

Agilent provides cutting-edge technologies for cancer cell biology. It is vital to understand the biology of cancer at the cellular level. Agilent has unique, proprietary instruments and cell analysis workflow solutions that allow you to understand the metabolism, surface markers, and functional biology of cancer cells with depth and precision.