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Women in STEM

In this Media Room, we explore the topic of Women in STEM and highlight some of the amazing women from in our industry, that we know and work with today. 

Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Women in STEM

We interviewed leading female scientists across our global Agilent network, to find out more about their experiences as woman in science to better understand not just about the work and projects they are involved in, but to dig into some of the main challenges they face as a woman in this industry. 

Patrice Jimerson, associate vice president Diversity & Inclusion, Agilent Technologies

"I believe one of the reasons that gender equity continues to be an issue is because we’ve been thinking of gender in monolithic terms, when we should really be thinking about intersectionality. Your race and socioeconomic background affect your access to education, your political power, and your pay equity. If your parents weren’t in a STEM-related field, you’re much less likely to choose that field yourself. Until we take all the layers of identity into consideration, we will continue to see low representation rates."

Women in STEM Infographic

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Women in STEM Case Studies