Cancer is a global health issue, with 27.5 million new cases projected by 2040. Addressing the need for cancer prevention with early detection and treatment offers hope that cancer rates can be dramatically reduced.

Because in the race against cancer … every day counts!

Advances in cell analysis, genomics, metabolic studies, protein profiling and pathology are revealing new connections in the understanding of cancer and a more comprehensive picture. From new understandings of tumor genomic microheterogeneity, to powerful and precise therapies such as immune checkpoint inhibitors - it's an exciting time to be researching breakthroughs that could affect many lives.

Cancer researchers are working diligently each day to more quickly and efficiently uncover and translate important cancer research discoveries to the clinic, where they can positively impact their patients – giving them faster, more accurate, and precise diagnoses and more effective treatments.

Dr. Carlos Cordon-CardoDr. Carlos Cordon-Cardo,
Professor and System Chair, Pathology, Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City, New York

Dr. Carlos Cordon-Cardo from Mount Sinai Hospital shares his thoughts …

"For my team and I, making sure that we're utilizing the most updated technology and have the most concrete information to guide that management of our cancer patients is very critical. It's our most important role. Now it's extended, not only to the initial diagnoses, but also throughout the course of treatment and post-treatment follow-up of the patient."

The scientific community continues to strive to bring forward the moment when cancer can be overcome by providing the solutions and tools scientific and medical professionals need to take time back from cancer and give it to the people who need it most of all.

Because in the race against cancer, every day counts … time counts!

Because in the race against cancer, every day counts … time counts!Video: Time Counts

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