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Jacob Thaysen

Senior Vice President, Agilent
President, Life Sciences and Applied Markets Group

Jacob Thaysen is senior vice president of Agilent and president of Agilent's Life Sciences and Applied Markets Group (LSAG) which consists of Agilent's market leading analytical instrument portfolio, informatics and cell analysis franchise. He is driving the transformation of the analytical lab with focus on implementing a complete digital laboratory ecosystem combined with innovative and smart instruments. Furthermore, he has built a leadership position for Agilent in live cell analysis through a series of acquisitions.

From 2014 to 2018, Thaysen served as the president of Agilent's Diagnostics and Genomics Group (DGG) and has been an integral part of Agilent's transition into a life sciences company. Through his strategy-driven business leadership, he has built a solid foundation for growth for Agilent in diagnostics and clinical science.

Prior to joining Agilent, Thaysen was corporate vice president of R&D at Dako, a Danish cancer diagnostic company. Before joining Dako, he served as management consultant at Copenhagen Consultancy Company (now Bain & Co). Early in his career, he was founder and chief technology officer of Cantion, a research and defense application development company based in Denmark.

Thaysen holds an M.Sc. and Ph.D. in physics from the Technical University of Denmark.

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Jacob Thaysen
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