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Environmental Compliance Framework

Compliance Framework



The Environmental Compliance Framework fulfills the following objectives:

  1. Allow Agilent to meet regulatory reporting requirements:

    1.  Product compliance with maximum concentration value by weight in homogeneous materials (percentage)- roll-up of compliance state of parts & sub-assemblies e.g. EU RoHS (future)

    2. Substance weight reporting (total mass.) e.g. US Mercury (Hg) Laws

    3. Substance concentration (percentage) roll-up of total weights for each substance as a percentage of total weight of article (product) e.g. EU REACH

  2. Sustain and facilitate compliant product design, development, production, refurbishment and support

  3. Protect the investment made both in infrastructure and materials compliance data

  4. Have defined data quality standards (including data refresh and validation intervals) with associated Roles and Responsibilities to assure continued confidence in data content and reports.

  5. Links the physical (part, assembly, product) to the appropriate data through a clear and traceable set of linkages

Materials Management Framework

The SAP Product and REACH Compliance (SPRC) module is Agilent's system of record for direct materials compliance data

This assures a consistent approach to requesting and managing materials compliance data between Agilent and its suppliers.

Data collections is performed by two teams; one focused on standard parts while the other is responsible for custom parts.

While Agilent's data collection has been focused on EU RoHS compliance data, there is a recognized need to better understand the full composition of parts built into our products. This insight is required to meet Agilent's regulatory obligations for our products and also minimizes the burden of multiple data requests on our suppliers.

Requirements for Agilent's Direct Material Suppliers