Agilent Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. (AATI), a provider of capillary electrophoresis-based (CE) solutions for fully-automated analysis of a range of molecules for $250 million in cash.

This acquisition brings together two innovators in the electrophoresis space. Advances in genomics, metabolomics, and proteomics are driving growth and demand for robust, purpose built solutions to analyze biomolecules such as nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), proteins, carbohydrates and small molecules. AATI has developed compelling products based on CE technologies that provide key advances in sensitivity and resolution to address a wide range of applications across a variety of industry segments.

"We are pleased to announce that the transaction is now complete, and we are looking forward to integrating the teams," said Sam Raha, president of Agilent's Diagnostics and Genomics Group. "This acquisition enhances Agilent's existing expertise and technology base, and will allow us to provide customers with a more comprehensive set of solutions for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) workflows and also for other applications."

AATI's 109 employees will join Agilent as part of the new Biomolecular Analysis Division within its Diagnostics and Genomics Group. The new Biomolecular Analysis Division will also consist of Agilent's existing microfluidics business, which was previously part of Agilent's Life Sciences and Applied Markets Group.