Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) announces an equipment manufacturing agreement with Grabner Instruments, a subsidiary of AMETEK, Inc. The agreement is focused on an innovative mobile testing solution for in-field analysis of lubricating oils and greases. 

Grabner Instruments, based in Austria, is well known for developing and manufacturing automatic petroleum testing equipment. In this partnership, Grabner will focus on lube and grease analysis, an area that requires specific and specialized expertise in method development.

“We are very pleased to be working with a partner of the caliber of Grabner to provide more specific tools that will meet the needs of the in-field testing market”, said Phil Binns, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Spectroscopy and Vacuum Solutions Division.

“This new global agreement makes perfect sense for both organizations and our customers,” said Werner Müller-Veith, managing director of Grabner. “By combining Agilent’s proven mobile FTIR technology with Grabner’s test methods and global channel reach, we will be able to offer rugged go-anywhere solutions that deliver the highest analytical accuracy while being simple to use.”

Based on Agilent’s robust handheld FTIR systems, Grabner has developed MINISCAN IR LOG, a highly versatile FTIR analyzer for monitoring the condition of lubricating oils and greases at petroleum refineries. The analyzer is capable of quickly and accurately measuring the levels of water in oil–without using hazardous reagents.

Agilent’s Dialpath sampling technology–a key factor to the agreement–makes it easy to analyze viscous liquids (such as thick greases and lubes), with the added ability to carry out in-field testing of lubes and greases.