Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced it will collaborate with the Doping Control Center in Seoul, South Korea, to ensure that athletes from around the world are quickly and accurately tested to determine whether any have been using banned substances to enhance their performances.

Agilent has been a major supplier of analytical instruments to the center since 1984. During events this winter, the company will have certified engineers on standby around the clock to ensure the highest level of service. The center is expected to run 4,000 urine tests during multiple work shifts.

"To ensure the most reliable performance of instruments during this critical drug-testing period, strong and timely support from Agilent is essential," said Oh-Seung Kwon, Ph.D., director and principal research scientist at the Doping Control Center.

Established by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology in 1984, the center is an accredited lab of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Agilent systems are highly automated to provide rapid test results at a glance, enabling the use of screening methods for identifying banned substances in sport.

In addition to providing advanced instrumentation, Agilent also helps labs develop further methods for detecting banned substances, trains investigators, and provides technical support and maintenance of the instruments.

"We are pleased that Agilent can provide emergency support resources and systems to protect the athletes' health and induce fair competition," said Jong-Gon Kim, country service business manager at Agilent Technologies Korea.