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Optimizing lab performance
for a more sustainable world

"Lab equipment makes up a significant portion of the total plug load in any lab and can lead to high energy consumption. Optimization of lab equipment through solutions such as asset performance management can dramatically lower the overall energy consumption and be a significant step toward achieving lab sustainability."

James Connelly, CEO, My Green Lab

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How Agilent can help your lab reduce costs, consumption, and its carbon footprint

Sustainable solutions are transforming laboratories and changing the way researchers and scientists approach their work. Agilent is committed to playing its part to improve labs’ footprint around the world. Using data analytics and expert guidance to evaluate lab operations, instrument workload, and efficiency, the Agilent CrossLab Connect team works with scientists to improve the environmental impact of laboratories without compromising productivity or results.

A large US-based pharmaceutical company with a sizable ecological footprint asked the CrossLab Connect team to help optimize the company’s lab performance while contributing to their corporate sustainability goals:

  • Scientists replaced three instruments with two, which updated instrumentation, reduced the lab footprint, saved energy, and decreased required resources.
  • Scientists utilized the InfinityLab high-efficiency LC portfolio to reduce their carbon footprint. These were ACT labeled, which provided them transparent information around the environmental impact of the instruments, including energy consumption.
  • The team also leveraged instrument buybacks to minimize waste.

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