How does it feel to operate at peak business efficiency? It feels great, because you spend less time troubleshooting problems and more time delivering results.

It also means you've got financial clarity—you can plan budgets and keep to them. Your team is highly productive and satisfied with their work.

Simply put, you have more good days.

The Agilent Refresh Effect is about recognizing the value of today's smart technologies to improve ease of use and increase analytical lab efficiency. That's why we've assembled experts and created services to help labs access the right technologies, while keeping disruptions to a minimum.

Competitive advantage

The Refresh Effect is about satisfactionThe Refresh Effect is about satisfaction

When your lab is delivering better results, your business realizes important benefits—higher quality products, less business risk, and more scalability, for starters.

Today's smart technologies make instruments easier to use and easier to maintain. Some examples:

  • Innovative VacShield technology on the new LC/MSD iQ enables a maintenance task that used to take up to 24 hours to be completed in a matter of minutes.
  • New CrossLab Smart Alerts, available with newer instruments, provide usage-based notifications about replacing consumables and performing preventive maintenance, contributing to an average of 3.4 fewer days of downtime each year, and 41% savings on repairs.
  • The CrossLab automated compliance engine can reduce downtime related to compliance by 51%, while reducing compliance management costs by 20%.

Lab managers and those who are responsible for lab budgets enjoy competitive advantages as well. Managers can access operational data, get insight that helps them make better decisions, and ultimately, lets them tell their own story of operating at peak efficiency.

Fully integrated solutions

Instrument buy-backs help reduce the cost of new technologyInstrument buy-backs help reduce the cost of new technology

Agilent has a long history of developing leading analytical technologies for a wide variety of applications. But our expertise does not end there. As labs have grown more complex, so too have the support needs of lab managers, operating directors, and purchasing teams. We have invested in important strategic capabilities to support these needs. Together, our brands help labs realize the Refresh Effect.

Agilent CrossLab capabilities ease the transition to new technology and increase organizational efficiency.

Agilent OpenLab helps mitigate data integrity risks while improving data access and increasing lab efficiency.

Agilent InfinityLab provides robust, integrated LC systems, columns, and supplies to maximize workflow efficiency.