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Supplier Manager Inventory (SMI) and Nocturne

Agilent Technologies uses one software solution for all of its "Supplier Managed Inventory" (SMI) suppliers to interface with Oracle. "Nocturne" is an internet based application, designed and supported by Healex Systems Limited, which is the Agilent worldwide solution for SMI.

The Nocturne tool is an internet-based supply chain management process that enables buyers and suppliers to achieve inventory and operation efficiencies through collaborative information sharing. Nocturne communicates inventory and replenishment information, as well as upper and lower control limits utilizing a web-based solution and a basic statistical process control algorithm. The Nocturne tool proactively uses and distributes information to the responsible organizations.

For more detailed information on SMI and Nocturne, please refer to the "SMI/Nocturne Supplier Training" Presentation.

Additional Information On SMI/Nocturne

*Nocturne is a trademark of Healex Systems Limited