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Agilent Technologies Core EDI Program

Transaction / Message Guidelines, Outbound (Agilent Technologies to Supplier)
Description ASC X12 UN EDIFACT - See Note
EDI Handbook For Supply Chain Electronic Business Suppliers EDI Handbook  
Forecast / Planning Schedule - Planning Forecast 830 v. 3020 (pdf 59KB) DELFOR 92.1 - EDIFICE version
Purchase Order (Direct Material Suppliers Only) 850 v. 3020 (pdf 76KB) ORDERS 92.1 - EDIFICE version

Agilent Technologies Transaction / Message Guidelines, Inbound
Description ASC X12 UN EDIFACT - See Note
Purchase Order Response 855 v. 3020 (pdf 45KB) ORDRSP 92.1 - EDIFICE version
Shipment Notice / Manifest / Dispatch Advice 856 v.3020 DESADV 92.1 - EDIFICE version
Functional Acknowledgement - Inbound and Outbound 997 v.3020  
Invoice 810 v. 3020 (pdf 50KB) INVOIC - D.97A (pdf 66KB)
Note: Agilent technologies maps for inbound EDIFACT messages can receive 'CCYYMMDD' or 'YYMMDD' format dates.