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Unit Of Measure Conversion With Oracle

As each Agilent sites moves onto the Oracle ERP system, they will begin to use Metric Measurements on all purchase orders and forecasts. In addition Agilent will be requesting liquid container and multiple quantity measures using a measure noted as "Each". As necessary, some Agilent orders will include supplier notes which will designate whether "Each" refers to a "Drum, Bottle or Bundle etc". Agilent's current item drawings will not be changed, and will continue to contain our current unit of measure, however all new drawings created will detail the metric measurement.

Please note the following: 

  • Agilent's part drawings will not be changed, and will continue to contain our legacy unit of measure
  • Agilent sites, which are not using Oracle, will continue to send forecasts and place orders using the legacy system unit of measure
  • As a supplier you may receive orders and forecasts for a part from both Agilent sites using Oracle, and Agilent sites not using Oracle. In this case you will receive orders and forecasts that may show different measurement types (i.e. legacy versus metric)

The following are the unit of measures that are being converted:

Current System Unit of Measure New Unit of Measure Conversion Factor
Standard Measures:
Gallon (US) Liter 3.785
Gallon (British) Liter 4.546
Inch Millimeter 25.4
Foot Meter 0.3046
Yard Meter 0.9144
Sq. Foot Sq. Meter 0.0929
Sq. Yard Sq. Meter 0.8361
Ounce Gram 28.35
Pound Kilogram 0.4530
Pint Liter 0.4732
Quart Liter 0.9464
Liquid Measures:
Drum, Bottle, Jar, Can Each NA
Multiple Quantity Measures:
Bag, Bundle, Carton, Case, Gross, Set, Pair, Ream, Roll, Pack, Kit Each NA