Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) announced today that it has been selected as Instrument Business Outlook (IBO) 2022 Company of the Year. IBO highlighted Agilent's increased growth in revenues, operating profit, and net income, noting that the gains resulted from a sustained effort to position the company for future growth.

Innovations noted included the HydroInert source, which allows for using of hydrogen instead of helium as the carrier gas in GC/MS. Also, the introductions of new versions of the AssayMAP Bravo Protein Sample Prep Workbench and the Seahorse XF Pro Analyzer. Innovation also took the form of acquisitions bringing in new technology and expertise for future growth, including expanding artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities with the acquisition of Virtual Control, a software that works with LC/MS and GC/MS to automate the analysis of instrument data. Agilent also acquired Polymer Standards Service (PSS) and ECD technology company e-MSion, adding to solutions for analyzing molecular structures and continuing to build capabilities to serve the biopharma industry.

Operationally, Agilent’s significant commitment to ESG goals was noted, including a commitment to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, partnership activities with MyGreenLab, expansion of the Agilent’s Certified Pre-owned Instruments business, and a new agreement with How2Recyle for standardized recycling labeling.

Tanya Samazan, managing editor at IBO noted: “Agilent’s achievements were about annual results as well as years of transforming the company. Agilent thrived in 2022, showing a strong sales performance, stepped up sustainability initiatives, manufacturing expansion, and new product and M&A investments to feed future growth.”

“We are pleased that IBO has once again bestowed Agilent the tribute of being their Company of the Year, having received the same accolade in 2017,” said Mike McMullen, Agilent president and CEO. “It’s rewarding to be recognized for our team’s ongoing commitment to developing and delivering high-quality, reliable, and innovative products and solutions to our customers globally.”

IBO is a highly respected industry newsletter that tracks trends in the laboratory products markets, monitoring hundreds of life science and analytical instrument companies on a daily basis. IBO is a publication of SDi, a division of BioInformatics LLC, which offers custom market research and consulting, and strategic advisory services.