Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) announces that biotech startup Trilogy Sciences has been awarded an Agilent Golden Ticket at LabCentral, a leading biotech innovation hub based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. LabCentral is a shared laboratory space designed as a launchpad for high-potential life sciences and biotech startups. The Golden Ticket provides funding of one lab bench space for a year.

Three semi-finalists, including Trilogy, presented their proposals during a virtual online event on May 5, 2020. Trilogy was chosen by a panel of judges consisting of Johannes Fruehauf, M.D., Ph.D., cofounder, and president of LabCentral; Darlene Solomon, Ph.D., senior vice president, and chief technology officer at Agilent; and Angelica Riemann, vice president of Agilent’s Chemistries and Supplies Division.

“As part of Agilent and LabCentral’s shared commitment to advancing health sciences and early-stage biotechnology companies, we are thrilled to provide Trilogy with an Agilent Golden Ticket,” said Darlene Solomon. “We wish to recognize each of the semi-finalists for their stellar contributions to advancing scientific research and innovation in their respective fields.”

"Agilent has an established reputation for being one of the most innovative and collaborative partners in the chemical biology field, and we are so excited to receive their support and partnership as we aspire to build a series of lifechanging therapeutics for untreatable diseases,” said Neil Dhawan, founder of Trilogy Sciences. 

“We are excited by Agilent’s ongoing support of LabCentral and the Golden Ticket program,” said Fruehauf Johannes. “Golden Tickets provide early-stage companies an excellent way to benefit from the uniquely collaborative and supportive environment that LabCentral offers, as well as the opportunity to work alongside other entrepreneurs, scientists, and sponsors like Agilent.”

Trilogy Sciences’ mission is to develop life-changing therapeutics for untreatable diseases by applying cutting-edge chemical biology, including new methodologies to rapidly synthesize and screen for hyper-effective drugs to combat recurrent breast, brain, and lung cancers.

Agilent is a platinum sponsor of LabCentral and has equipped the shared laboratory workspace with a variety of Agilent technology, including a high-resolution mass spectrometry system, and a cell analysis extracellular flux (XF) analyzer. The sponsorship includes the Golden Ticket, which represents one year of bench space for a scientist, including the benefit of LabCentral's shared infrastructure and services.