Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) filed a new complaint against Twist Bioscience Corp. ("Twist") and Emily Leproust. The proposed Second Amended Complaint adds two additional defendants (Twist employee Siyuan Chen and former Twist employee Solange Glaize) and adds new facts that were recently discovered regarding the defendants' wide-ranging theft of Agilent's proprietary oligonucleotide synthesis technology. First, "Leproust and several other former Agilent employees who joined her at Twist . . . stole Agilent's most sensitive documents. Using thumb drives, cloud accounts, and personal emails, Leproust, Chen, Glaize and other former Agilent employees stole hundreds of Agilent documents clearly marked 'Confidential.'" Second, Twist's founder Emily Leproust secretly accepted a position as CEO at Agilent competitor, Twist, yet remained an Agilent employee exposed to Agilent trade secrets and confidential information for 17 months.

Agilent's lawsuit is pending in the Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Santa Clara, Case No. 16-cv-291137. A copy of the proposed Second Amended Complaint can be accessed here.