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"Without question, the last two decades have seen a tremendous amount of innovation in the capabilities we have to characterize the environment... experts from Agilent work with us and educate us to help us get the most from these technologies..."

Dr. Shane Snyder, Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute (NEWRI)

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  • Scientists in Singapore at NEWRI are expanding the frontiers of water testing and water treatment, enabled by Agilent technologies.
  • Agilent scientists work alongside a team of researchers, engineers, students, and staff to support this important research. Agilent's team regularly trains new students and post docs on an array of technologies—from chromatography and mass spectrometry to genomics and cellular analysis.
  • High resolution mass spectrometry is allowing scientists to identify substances that were previously unknown in the environment. Cellular analysis and genomics tools are then used to understand the potential toxicity of these contaminants.
  • Inductively coupled plasma paired with GC and LC technology has led to discoveries in disinfection byproducts and other halogenated species. Once these contaminants are identified, Agilent scientists help develop methods and train government water authorities to test and evaluate their water.

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