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Food Processing & Packaging

Ensuring the Safety of Food Processing and Packaging

A variety of unwanted compounds may be found in food products as a result of packaging or processing. Both food and packaging manufacturers need to tightly control such compounds, as do governmental regulators for ongoing protection and in assessing human exposure or toxicity levels.

LC, SFC and GC techniques meet the challenges of locating and measuring specific, trace-level products in complex food matrices. Highly sensitive methods for continuously monitoring levels of contaminants including PAHs, acrylamide and Bisphenol A are available for both laboratory and field use. Additional food processing and packaging measurement methods include mass spectrometry and molecular spectroscopy , as well as the use of portable devices for remote analysis (such as measuring acrylamide at line with the mobile FTIR. All techniques are also supported by Agilent's extensive sample preparation portfolio and complete methodologies are provided whenever possible.