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Food Authenticity

Ensuring the Highest Quality Food Product

In today’s globally distributed supply chains it is vitally important to use proven, robust processes that ensure the quality of food products accurately and efficiently. Agilent’s Food Profiling Applications employ advanced mass spectrometry technologies to effectively analyze food product classification, ascertain contaminant and degradation levels, and help confirm points of origin and production.

With intuitive instrument control and data acquisition, our LC/MS and GC/MS systems are used to identify organic and inorganic contaminants in meat products, shellfish, animal feed and other foodstuffs; whilst ICP-MS analyzers with high sample throughput also enable high levels of classification productivity in food safety processes. Efficiency in food applications is further enhanced through the use of Mass Profiler Professional (MPP) software that delivers excellent automation capabilities to accelerate data analysis.

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Featured Application Notes

Metabolomic Profiling of Wines using LC/QTOF MS and MassHunter Data Mining and Statistical Tools

Featured Training & Events

Authenticity of Olive Oil

Profiling Extra Virgin Olive Oil using QTOF LC/MS and Developing a Prediction Model for Geographical Origin Determination and Adulteration of Oils

Food Mobile FTIR Analysis

Mobile FTIR Analyzers from Agilent: Expedite Food QA/QC to Improve Food Production, Safety and Quality

Pesticide Residues in Food of Animal Origin

A presentation by Bjoern Hardebusch of EURL AO Freiburg on the Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Food of Animal Origin using GC-MS/MS.

Profiling Bourbons and American Whiskeys

Learn how accurate mass LC/MS analysis combined with multivariate statistical analysis can enable better profiling of bourbons and American whiskeys.

Featured Videos

Halal Product Testing

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