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Water Analysis

Inorganic elemental contamination of water supplies may occur from natural deposits, as well as from industrial, agricultural, and household sources. A high level of drinking water quality is essential, whether the source is bottled water or the tap. In addition, the environment is easily damaged by contaminants from industry in wastewater or improper disposal practices and requires continuous monitoring of these pollutants. But no matter what the cause, monitoring the levels of these contaminants accurately in drinking water, wastewater, surface water and ground water is essential for ensuring quality and protecting human health.

Currently, one of the greatest challenges in water analysis is the monitoring of multiple metals in a large number of samples with varying concentrations. In meeting this, Agilent has developed a range of advanced applications for its portfolio of high-productivity instruments that deliver the sensitivity needed across a wide dynamic range. Our water analysis solutions enable precise, high-throughput analysis of trace metals in water at very low concentrations, even in the presence of matrix interference.

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