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High-Throughput and Workflow Automation for Biologics

Enable High-throughput Workflows and Increase Workflow Automation

Biologics, specifically recombinant proteins, are highly complex molecules that require specific purification techniques, complex sample preparation and often long analytical methods to achieve resolution and detection. High-throughput platforms and automated workflow development are two ways to combine these various steps of the workflow to improve efficiency, increase throughput and ensure precision.

Preparative and analytical methods for protein purification and analysis require two different instrument setups. Protein preparation requires large injection volumes and high flow rates, whereas analytical methods require small injection volumes and lower flow rates. Traditionally, they are done on two instruments specifically designed for these purposes.

Agilent Technologies offers a variety of solutions that support high-throughput workflows and enable increased workflow automation using liquid chromatography systems, columns, 2D-LC software, LC/MS and customized method development LC platforms.