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Efficient LC Solutions for any Application and Budget

Our InfinityLab solutions include LC systems, columns, supplies to ensure the highest operational efficiency in your lab. Agilent’s liquid chromatography systems build on 40 years of heritage for highly reliable analytical instruments. From routine analysis to cutting-edge research, we provide the broadest LC portfolio (also known as HPLC or UHPLC) for any application and budget. We are well-known for our superior separation and detection capabilities. Learn more about InfinityLab.

InfinityLab Analytical LC Solutions

Industry-Leading InfinityLab Analytical LC Solutions

1220 Infinity II LC Systems | 1260 Infinity II LC Systems | 1290 Infinity II LC Systems

InfinityLab LC Workflow Solutions

Complete Workflow Solutions for Maximum Efficiency

InfinityLab 2D-LC Solutions | InfinityLab Bio-inert LC Solutions | InfinityLab Impurity Analysis Solutions | InfinityLab High-Throughput LC & LC/MS Solutions | InfinityLab LC Method Transfer Solutions | InfinityLab LC Method Development Solutions | InfinityLab Online SPE Solutions | InfinityLab SFC Solutions | InfinityLab Amino Acid LC Solutions | InfinityLab GPC/SEC Solutions | InfinityLab Multi-Method LC Solutions | Low-flow LC Systems

InfinityLab LC Purification Solutions

Isolate and purify your samples with maximum efficiency

InfinityLab Analytical-Scale LC Purification Solutions | InfinityLab Preparative-Scale LC Purification Solutions

InfinityLab LC Series Modules

Configure your own LC based on your requirements

LC Pumps & Vacuum Degassers | LC Injection Systems | LC Fraction Collectors | LC Thermostatted Column Compartments | LC Detectors | LC Valves | LC Support Modules

LC & CE Instrument Control

Dedicated Hardware and Software for LC and CE Instrument Control

Chromatography / Mass Spec Data Systems & Related Software | LC & CE Instrument Drivers | LC Handheld Control | Lab Maintenance Software

LC Columns

LC Columns Deliver Results for Complex Analytical Challenges

Small Molecule Separations | Biomolecule Separations | Kits | Column Hardware

LC Supplies

Achieve Optimal Performance and Efficiency using Agilent LC Supplies

Capillaries and Fittings | Maintenance Kits and Tools | InfinityLab Flex Bench Family | Valves | Solvent and In-Line Filters | Pumps | Autosamplers | Syringes | Lamps and Detectors | Thermostatted Column Compartment | Bio-inert Supplies (UHPLC) | Fraction Collectors | LC/MS Supplies | Standards | Chip LC