Customized Method & Application Development

Let our global team of scientific and technical experts leverage their deep insight of lab best practices, workflows and outcomes to partner with you and develop applications unique to your needs; then deploy them into your environment – optimized for consistency, quality, safety, cost and efficiency. They will consult with you at each level of the workflow including sample prep, instrument setup, data analysis and reporting, and data management.

Leverage our Global Expertise to Increase Your Productivity

Our consultants will partner with you to maximize your ramp to productivity on a specific step of a workflow, application or method. Leveraging our deep knowledge of Agilent equipment and the lab environment, we will address your unique needs, providing actionable insights at every level of the lab. Avoid the additional time and investment of developing a new method from scratch so you can expedite the production of quality results with your instrument.


Accelerate your Team’s Ability to achieve the outcome you need.

Agilent CrossLab Consultants bring their expertise as global leaders in the implementation of best practices in application, workflow and method development to your site. Strategically partnering with you to ensure your lab is operating at maximum throughput.

With You Every Step of Your Work Flow


  • Laboratory setup
    (Columns, Supplies, & Reagents)
  • Sample Prep
  • Method Parameter setup


  • Calibration Standards
  • Quality controls
  • Unknown samples


  • Targeted Quantitative Analysis
  • Qualitative Identification of unknowns


  • Customized & automated reporting
  • Macro Development
  • Data review


  • Easily accessible and secure data file storage (ECM)
  • Interfacing with LIMS