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ArcticExpress RP & RIL Competent Cells

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ArcticExpress RIL Competent Cells. Enhanced protein folding and solubility of expressed proteins. Dramatically improves expression for AT-rich genomes when codon bias is a problem.

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Cell Strain
  • ArcticExpress RIL
Cell Type - Production Method
  • Chemically Competent
Competent Cell Suitable For
  • Improved protein soluability and codon bias
Difficult Protein Expression Type
  • Codon Bias
  • Enhanced Solubility
Extra Copies of tRNA Genes
  • argU (AGA, AGG)
  • ileY (AUA)
  • leuW (CUA)
Generates Unmethylated DNA
  • No
  • E. coli B F– ompT hsdS(rB– mB–) dcm+ Tetr gal endA Hte [cpn10 cpn60 Gentr] [argU ileY leuW Strr]
  • Tetracycline
Transformation Efficiency - Quantitative
  • 5 x 10^6
  • 10 x 0.1 mL