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LC & LC/MS Calibration Standards

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LCT Premier chemical kit

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$750.00 /1 Kit

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  • Kit
Chemical Type
  • Organic
Quality Standard
  • ISO 17025
  • LC & LC/MS
Analysis Type
  • Quantitative
Kit Contents
Part Number Product Description Format Analyte and Concentration Solvent Quantity
US-700002648-9 Ion Sabre Pos Sensitivity 17α-Hydroxyprogesterone, 5 mg 1
US-700002648-5 Chromatographic S/N Reserpine, 2.5 mg 1
US-700002648-1 Mass Calibration Accuracy Mass Measurement Accuracy Water (low TOC, 50 ppb) 1
US-700002648-12 Negative Ion Resolution (LCT Premier XE) (Glu 1)-Fibrinopeptide B, 0.1 mg 2
US-700002648-6 Chromatographic S/N 1
US-700002648-2 Mass Calibration Accuracy Mass Measurement Accuracy Methanoic acid, 10 % (v/v) Water (low TOC, 50 ppb) 1
US-700002648-7 Negative Ion - Resolution & Sensitivity D(+)-Raffinose, 2.5 mg 1
US-700002648-3 Mass Calibration Accuracy Mass Measurement Accuracy See List 1
US-715001062 Instructions, Preparing Test Solutions Sensitivity 1
US-700002648-10 Ion Sabre Neg Sensitivity Sulfadimethoxine, 5 mg 1
US-700002648-8 Positive Ion Resolution Glufosinate-ammonium, 5 mg 1
US-700002648-4 Positive Ion Sensitivity (Glu 1)-Fibrinopeptide B, 5 mg 1
US-700002648-11 APPI Pos Sensitivity Cholesterol, 5 mg 1