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Sampler Cones & Care Packages for ICP-MS

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ICP-MS sampler cone, Nickel-tip with Nickel-plated base. Suitable for 77/78/7900 and 88/8900. Optional cone recommended for seawater analysis and high Cl matrix. For samples containing high salts (i.e. seawaters/process waters) and chloride matrices (i.e. HCl, HClO4). Ideal for routine operation with (u)HMI with a high (>8x) aerosol dilution ratio. Use with Nickel skimmer cone and stainless steel skimmer base.

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$954.00 /1 Each

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Base Material
  • Nickel-plated Copper
Chemical Compatibility
  • Aqueous
  • Corrosive acids
Cone Care Package
  • No
Cone Type
  • Sampler
Instrument Compatibility
  • 7700
  • 7800
  • 7850
  • 7900
  • 8800
  • 8900
Lens Type
  • m-lens
  • s-lens
  • x-lens
Tip Diameter
  • 12 mm
Tip Material
  • Nickel
  • 41115411