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Operating Supplies Kits for ICP-MS

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Comprehensive spares kit for 7700 and 8800 semiconductor ICP-MS fitted with s-lens and Edwards E2M18 vacuum pump. Contents: peristaltic pump tubes for sample, Tygon, 3-stop, white/white (2 x 12/pk), peristaltic pump tubes for waste, Ismaprene, 3-stop, yellow/blue, peristaltic pump tubes for internal standard, Tygon, 2-stop, blue/orange (2 x 12/pk), PFA sample tubes, 0.5 mm id, 1.6 mm od, 5 m, online internal standard addition kit, drain tube assembly, spray chamber, spray chamber drain tubing, connector tube with dilution port, dilution gas connector, nebulizer gas connector, dilution gas port plug, spray chamber clamps (2/pk), nebulizer gas tubing, torch with 2.5 mm id injector, long-life shield plate, bonnet for shield torch, plasma/auxiliary gas tubes with inner sleeve, gas line connector, RF coil, graphite gaskets for sampling cone (3/pk), Pt sampling cone, Pt skimmer cone, screw and spacer kit for s-lens, screw and spacer O-ring, PTFE tubing for internal reaction gas line, octopole assembly, polishing paper kit for ion lens (5 sheets No. 400+1200), oil mist filter element, and rough pump oil, AVF Gold, 1 quart, 2/pk (6040-0834)

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$16,591.00 /1 Kit

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Instrument Compatibility
  • 7700
  • 8800
  • 41115411