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Accessory Kits for HPLC

Part Number:

InfinityLab capillary kit, for 1290 Infinity II LC. includes set of 1290 Infinity II system capillaries, 0.17mm id 300mm length 1(x), 900mm length (1x), 0.12mm id 500mm length (1x), 120mm (1x), 280mm (2x), Quick Connect Fitting Capillary 105mm (2x), Quick Connect Fitting (1x), Quick Turn Fitting (2x), replacement ferrules for Quick Connect and Quick Turn Fitting (5x), stainless steel capillary 0.12mm id 2000mm length, blank nut for system diagnostic tests, PTFE tubing 5m, stainless steel union (2x)

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List Price:
$1,617.00 /1 Kit

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Application Compatibility
  • Analytical
Inner Diameter (ID)
  • 0.12 mm
System Compatibility
  • 1290 Infinity II LC System
  • LC
  • 41115720
Kit Contents
Part Number Product Description Quantity
5022-2159 Capillary stainless steel 0.12 x 2000 mm U/U 1
5022-2184 Zero-dead-volume union, stainless steel, universal, without fittings 2
5043-0924 Front ferrule, for InfinityLab Quick Connect and Quick Turn fitting 5
5062-2462 PTFE tubing, 0.7 mm id, 1.6 mm od, 5 m 2
5065-4426 Swagelok fitting, PEEK, for 1/16 inch (1.6 mm) OD capillary, mixed colors, 10/pk 1
5067-5957 InfinityLab Quick Connect Fitting assembly with pre-fixed 0.12 x 105mm capillary 1
5067-5966 InfinityLab Quick Turn LC fitting 2
5067-6127 Blank nut, plug, stainless steel, for 10-32 coned fitting ports 1
5067-6129 Capillary stainless steel 0.17 x 300 mm S/SX ps/ps 2
5500-1157 Capillary stainless steel 0.12 x 500 mm S/SL ps/ps 1
5500-1173 Quick Connect capillary stainless steel 0.12 x 105 mm 1
5500-1191 Quick Turn capillary stainless steel 0.12 x 280 mm 2
5500-1217 Capillary stainless steel 0.17 x 900 mm SI/SX ps/ps 1
5500-1249 Capillary Stainless Steel 0,12 x 120mm SL/SL ns/ps 1