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Capillary and Fittings Kits

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Capillary tubing starter kit, PEEK coated fused silica, 50 and 100 µm id, for 1100 Capillary LC (with 20 µL/min flow sensor)

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$1,376.00 /1 Kit

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Application Compatibility
  • Cap-Nano
  • LC
  • 41115716
Kit Contents
Part Number Product Description Quantity
G1375-87303 Fused silica/PEEK capillary 100 µm, 110 cm 1
G1375-87304 Capillary, PEEK/fused silica, 50 µm id, 500 mm length, 3x fittings 2
5065-4422 Swagelok fitting, PEEK, double-winged, 2-piece, 10/pk, for 1/32 inch (0.8 mm) OD capillary 0.4
5063-6593 Fitting screws, stainless steel, 1/16 inch, for 10-32 port, 4 mm screw head, 10/pk 0.4
G1315-87323 Capillary PEEK/Fused silica 50 µm x 400 mm 2
5065-4423 PEEK ferrule and stainless steel lock ring, for 0.8 mm tubings, 10/pk 0.4
G1375-87310 Capillary, PEEK/fused silica, 50 µm id, 550 mm length, 2x fittings 2
G1375-87302 Capillary, PEEK/fused silica, 50 µm id, 200 mm length, 2x fittings 1
8710-1534 Wrench, open-ended, 4 mm 1