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Obsolete. No replacement recommendation. Carbamates pesticides mixtures kit

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Agency Method
  • EPA 531
Analysis Type
  • Quantitative
Chemical Type
  • Organic
  • Kit
Part Number Application
  • Pesticides
Part Number Application Domain
  • Environmental
Quality Standard
  • ISO 17025
  • Acetonitrile
Kit Contents
Part Number Product Description Quantity
PST-060A100A01 Propoxur 1
PST-100A100A01 Carbaryl standard 1
PST-1215A100A01 Aldicarb sulfone 1
PST-1290A100A01 3-Hydroxycarbofuran Solution 1
PST-1295A100A01 Carbofuran 1
PST-1525A100A01 Methiocarb 1
PST-1580A100A01 Oxamyl standard 1
PST-1760A100A01 Aldicarb sulfoxide 1
PST-4395A100A01 1-Naphthol Solution 1
PST-680A100A01 Methomyl standard 1
PST-940A100A01 Aldicarb standard 1