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Obsolete. No replacement recommendation. SureSelect RNA Capture Custom MP3 Kit 500Kb – 1.49Mb, 1000 Reactions. Create a custom design to capture RNA for any genomic regions of interest. RNA sequencing using next-generation sequencing technology is rapidly becoming a powerful tool in transcriptome profiling. Agilent’s SureSelect RNA Capture Custom Kits enable the target enrichment of specific transcripts of interest providing precise measurements of expression levels of particular genes. SureSelect RNA Capture Custom Kits as well as the RNA Capture Human Kinome Kit offer high reproducibility of enrichment, depth distribution and sequence coverage – performance that is expected of Agilent’s SureSelect product lines. Must specify one of the following options: Illumina Instrument 001, SOLiD Instrument 002, Reorder 005, Single-End 010, Paired-End Format for Illumina GA 011, or Multiplexing 012.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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