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Starter Bundles for Turbo Pumps

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TwisTorr 305 FS DN 100 ISO-K Starter Bundle

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$9,604.00 /1 Bundle

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Kit Contents
Part Number Product Description Quantity
8121-0723 Power cord, China, used with series 5973, 5975, and 5977 gas chromatography/mass spectrometry systems, models 5973-inert, 5973A, 5973N, 5975A, 5975B-MSD, and 5975C, vacuum products excluding leak detection. 1
9699957 Mains cable EU plug, 3 m long 1
9699958 Mains cable NEMA plug, 3 m long 1
X3500-68000 Inlet Screen ISO 100, for all Agilent DN 100 ISO turbo pumps 1
X3500-68011 Air cooling kit, available with 0.6 m cable, USB type B connector, for 305 FS turbo pump with remote controller 1
X3506-64130 TwisTorr 305 FS remote controller, RS232/485 1
X3513-64008 TwisTorr 305 FS turbo pump, DN 100 ISO-K, air cooling 1