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Inert Nebulizers for ICP-OES

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Nebulizer, flow blurring, inert OneNeb series 2 nebulizer. Recommended for high sensitivity, organic samples, high TDS samples (with particle sizes < 150 microns) and HF digests. Recommended for routine analysis of samples up to 25% TDS with particle sizes <150 microns; inert construction makes it suitable for most solution types, including HF acid. Includes replaceable sample capillary/connector assembly, quick release connector for nebulizer gas inlet, and conical adapter for peristaltic pump tubing.

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$1,150.00 /1 Each

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Chemical Compatibility
  • Aqueous
  • HF acid
  • Organic solvents
Compatible with Advanced Valve System (AVS)
  • No
Gas Connector
  • Quick release
Instrument Compatibility
  • 5100
  • 5110
  • 5800
  • 5900
  • 700 series
  • Liberty
  • Vista series
  • PEEK
  • OneNeb
Nebulizer Sample Particle Size Tolerance
  • 150 µm
  • Ideal for routine analysis of samples up to 25 % TDS with good precision and better sensitivity than a SeaSpray; inert construction makes it suitable for most solution types
Other Features
  • Not suitable for use with SVS/AVS
Sample Connection
  • Direct
Self Aspirating
  • No
TDS Handling Capability
  • 25 % TDS
  • Flow-blurring
  • 41113000