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Cleaning & Maintenance Supplies for LC/MS

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Preventive Maintenance Kit for 1260 Infinity II Multilsampler

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$1,409.00 /1 Kit

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Application Compatibility
  • Analytical
  • InfinityLab
Module Compatibility
  • Autosampler
System Compatibility
  • 1290 Infinity II LC System
  • LC
  • 41115714
Use With Instrument
  • G7167A
Kit Contents
Part Number Product Description Quantity
0905-1719 Piston seal, PE, for G4204A, G4220A/B, G7104A/C, G7120A 1290 Infinity Binary pump, 1/pk 1
5068-0209 Rotor seal, 2 grove, elongated groove, for 1260 Infinity II multisampler (G7167A) 1
G4267-87012 Needle seat, PEEK, 0.12 mm ID capillary, for G7167A, G7167B 1
G4267-87201 Needle assembly, for G7167 Multisampler 1