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Dispersive Kits

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QuEChERS Dispersive Kit, Fruits and Vegetables with Pigments and Fats, AOAC method, 15 mL with ceramic homogenizers, 50/pk. Contains: 400 mg PSA, 400 mg GCB, 400 mg C18EC, 1200 mg MgSO4.
Removes polar organic acids, some sugars and lipids, plus carotenoids and chlorophyll.
Not for use with planar pesticides

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$410.00 /50 Pack

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Ceramic Homogenizers
  • Yes
Filter Material
  • 400 mg PSA, 400 mg GCB, 1200mg MgSO4, 400 mg C18EC
Kit Contents
  • 1200 mg MgSO4
  • 400 mg C18EC
  • 400 mg GCB
  • 400 mg PSA
QuEChERS Sample Type
  • Fruit and Vegetables with Pigments and Fats
SPE Method
  • AOAC 2007.01
Tube Size
  • 15 mL
  • 41104800
  • 15 mL