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Capillary and Fittings Kits

Part Number:

Capillary kit, 0.17 mm id, for 2 position / 6 port valve, including Quick Connect heat exchangers, for use with G7116A/B MCT

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List Price:
$1,520.00 /1 Kit

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Application Compatibility
  • Analytical
Inner Diameter (ID)
  • 0.17 mm
Module Compatibility
  • Column Compartment
  • Valve
System Compatibility
  • 1260 Infinity II LC System
  • 1260 Infinity II Prime LC System
  • 1290 Infinity II LC System
  • LC
  • 40141616
Use With Instrument
  • G7116A
  • G7116B
Kit Contents
Part Number Product Description Quantity
0100-1516 Swagelok, 1.6 mm ID, PEEK, finger-tight fitting 2/pack 4
5065-4454 Stainless steel fittings with long screw (SL), 10/pack 1
5067-6654 Colored clip kit, contains 24 clips, 3 of each of 8 different colors, numbered from 1 to 8 1
5500-1189 Quick Turn capillary stainless steel 0.12 x 150 mm 2
5500-1191 Quick Turn capillary stainless steel 0.12 x 280 mm 3
5500-1193 Quick Turn capillary stainless steel 0.17 x 105 mm 4
G7116-60051 InfinityLab Quick-Connect heat exchanger, large ID for use with G7116A/B MCT 1
G7116-68003 Column holder clips (lamella type) 2