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Single Element Standards

Part Number:

ASTM D3120, D3246 and D3961 Sulfur by oxidative micro coulometry

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Agency Method
  • ASTM D3120
  • ASTM D3246
  • ASTM D3961
Analysis Type
  • Quantitative
Chemical Type
  • Organic
  • Kit
Part Number Application
  • Single Element
Part Number Application Domain
  • Elemental Analysis
Quality Standard
  • ISO 17034
  • Isooctane
Kit Contents
Part Number Product Description Format Analyte and Concentration Solvent Quantity
PANAL0217-1 Isooctane Solvent Blank 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane, 100 % (v/v) 1
PANAL0217-2 Di-n-butyl Sulfide (as S) @ 1 mg/L Butyl sulfide (as S), 1 mg/L Isooctane 1
PANAL0217-3 Di-n-butyl Sulfide (as S) @ 10 mg/L Butyl sulfide (as S), 10 mg/L Isooctane 1
PANAL0217-4 Di-n-butyl Sulfide (as S) @ 40 mg/L Butyl sulfide (as S), 40 mg/L Isooctane 1
PANAL0217-5 Di-n-butyl Sulfide (as S) @ 75 mg/L Butyl sulfide (as S), 75 mg/L Isooctane 1
PANAL0217-6 Di-n-butyl Sulfide (as S) @ 100 mg/L Butyl sulfide (as S), 100 mg/L Isooctane 1