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Application Kits for ICP-OES

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Ketone solvent sample introduction kit for Agilent 5000 series Dual View (VDV/SVD) ICP-OES. Includes double-pass spray chamber, cyclonic, glass (p/n G8010-60256), Conikal nebulizer, glass, U-series (p/n G8010-60270), Easy-fit fully demountable torch with organics outer tube-set and 1.4mm id injector (p/n G8020-68002), sample and waste tubes, Marprene, white/white (p/n 3710044200), blue/blue (p/n 3710044400) and solvent resistant waste tubing (p/n 3710035400).

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$4,025.00 /1 Kit

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Instrument Compatibility
  • 5100
  • 5110
  • 5800
  • 5900
Kit Type
  • Ketone solvents
  • Double-pass glass cyclonic spray chamber with ball joint socket, Conikal nebulizer, demountable Easy-fit torch with 1.4 mm id injector, solvent resistant drain tubing and Marprene peristaltic pump tubes for sample (white/white tabs) and waste (blue/blue tabs)
  • 41113000
Viewing Angle
  • Dual view