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Application Kits for ICP-OES

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Inert sample introduction kit, for HF digests, for Agilent 5000 series Dual View (VDV/SVDV) ICP-OES. Includes inert double-pass spray chamber with removable baffle (p/n G8014-68002), OneNeb 2 nebulizer (p/n G8010-60293), Semi-demountable inert torch wih 1.8mm ceramic injector (p/n G8010-60231), solvaflex black/black sample pump tubes (p/n 3710034800), and solvaflex grey/grey waste pump tubes (p/n 3710035200).

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$4,268.00 /1 Kit

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Instrument Compatibility
  • 5100
  • 5110
  • 5800
  • 5900
Kit Type
  • Inert/HF digests
  • Inert double-pass spray chamber with ball joint socket, OneNeb nebulizer, inert demountable Easy-fit torch with ceramic injector (1.8 mm id), torch clamp for inert torch and Solvaflex peristaltic pump tubes for sample (black/black tabs) and waste (gray/gray tabs)
  • 41113000
Viewing Angle
  • Dual view
Kit Contents
Part Number Product Description Quantity
3710034800 High acid tolerant PVC Solvaflex Peristaltic pump tubing, black/black 2 bridged. 1
3710035200 High acid tolerant PVC Solvaflex Peristaltic pump tubing, gray/gray 1
G8010-60231 Easy-fit semi-demountable inert torch, 1.8 mm id alumina injector, for 5000 Series VDV/SVDV ICP-OES 1
G8010-60293 Nebulizer, flow blurring, inert OneNeb series 2 nebulizer. Recommended for high sensitivity, organic samples, high TDS samples (with particle sizes < 150 microns) and HF digests 1
G8014-68002 Inert spray chamber for Agilent 5000 series ICP-OES and MP-AES. Double pass design with removable baffle and ball joint outlet 1