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Unsaturated fatty acids and methyl esters kit

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$303.00 /1 Kit

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Analysis Type
  • Quantitative
Chemical Type
  • Organic
  • Kit
Part Number Application
  • Lipids
Part Number Application Domain
  • Food and Beverages
Quality Standard
  • ISO 17034
Kit Contents
Part Number Product Description Format Analyte and Concentration Solvent Quantity
FLPK-001M Methyl palmitelaidate Palmitelaidic acid methyl ester, 25 mg 1
FLPK-001I Gondonic acid 11-Eicosenoic acid, 25 mg 1
FLPK-001E Elaidic acid Elaidic acid, 25 mg 1
FLPK-001A Myristoleic acid Neat Myristoleic acid, 25 mg 1
FLPK-001R Methyl linolenate Linolenic acid methyl ester, 25 mg 1
FLPK-001N Methyl oleate Oleic acid methyl ester, 25 mg 1
FLPK-001J Erucic acid Erucic acid, 25 mg 1
FLPK-001F Linoleic acid Linoleic acid, 25 mg 1
FLPK-001B Palmitoleic acid Palmitoleic acid, 25 mg 1
FLPK-001S Methyl gondonate 11-Eicosenoic acid methyl ester, 25 mg 1
FLPK-001O Methyl elaidate Elaidic acid methyl ester, 25 mg 1
FLPK-001K Methyl myristoleate Methyl-cis-9-tetradecenoate, 25 mg 1
FLPK-001G Linolelaidic acid Linolelaidic acid, 25 mg 1
FLPK-001C Palmiteladic acid Palmitelaidic acid, 25 mg 1
FLPK-001T Methyl erucate Erucic acid methyl ester, 25 mg 1
FLPK-001P Methyl linoleate Linoleic acid methyl ester, 25 mg 1
FLPK-001L Methyl palmitoleate Palmitoleic acid methyl ester, 25 mg 1
FLPK-001H Linolenic acid Linolenic acid, 25 mg 1
FLPK-001D Oleic acid Oleic acid, 25 mg 1
FLPK-001Q Methyl linolelaidate Linolelaidic acid methyl ester, 25 mg 1