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Manual Injection Valves with Position Sensing Switches

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Manual injection valve kit, stainless steel, prep. includes: manual prep injection valve, start stop cable, Ring stand mounting bracket, capillary from sampler to column, capillary from pump to injector, syringe PTFE 25mL

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List Price:
$3,444.00 /1 Kit

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Application Compatibility
  • Preparative
  • Stainless Steel
Pressure Limit
  • 345 bar
  • LC
  • 41115716
Kit Contents
Part Number Product Description Quantity
0100-1677 Cable, Start,Man.Inj 1
0101-1232 2-position 6-port prep manual injection valve 1
1400-3166 Mounting bracket, to mount Rheodyne manual injection valve to ring stand 1
5190-1544 Manual Syringe, 25 mL, Removable Luer Lock with Push Button Valve, PTFE-Tip Plunger 1
G2260-87300 Capillary stainless steel 0.5 x 600 mm SX/S ns/ns 1
G2260-87301 Capillary, stainless steel, 0.5mm id, 400mm length, 2x stainless steel fittings, non-pre swaged 1