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Obsolete. No replacement recommendation. Consumables kit for Agilent 7500Ax ICP-MS. Includes peripump tubes for sample introduction, pn G1/833-65569, 2 x 12/pk, 12 peripump tubes for drain, 1.52 mm, pn, G1/833-65570, peripump tubes for internal standard, Tygon, pn G1/833-65571, 2 x 12/pk, sample tubing, perfluoroalkoxy (PFA), 0.5 mm id, 1.6 mm od, 5 m, pn G1/820-65105, tubing for drain, 4 mm od, 2.5 m, pn G1/833-65411, 4 O-rings for Babington nebulizer, pn G1/820-65199, spray chamber, quartz, for Babington nebulizer pn G1/820-65337, 5 O-rings for end cap, Viton, pn G1/820-65198, connector, quartz, pn G1/833-65426, 2 clamps, pn G1/833-65430, 2 tubes for carriermakeup gas, PTFE, pn G1/833-65414, inner sleeve for carriermakeupauxiliary gas, pn 5042-0922, 2 torches, 2.5 mm, 2 projections, HMI compatible, pn G3270-67002, long-life shield plate FG-300, pn G1/833-65419, bonnet, pn G1/833-65421, plasma gas and auxiliary gas line tubing, pn G3270-65021, connectors for plasma gas and auxiliary gas, pn G1/820-65027, work coil, pn G1/833-65432, RF return strip, pn G1/833-65473, 5 O-rings for sampling cone, Viton, pn G1/820-65025, 3 Ni sampling cones, pn G1/820-65238, 4 Ni skimmers, pn G1/820-65050, screw and spacer kit, extraction lens, 7500ais, pn G1/833-65024, screw and spacer kit, ion lens, 7500ais, pn G1/833-65025, 5 sheets polishing paper kit, #400#1200, ion lens and interface, pn G1/833-65404, O-ring, vacuum chamber, Viton, pn 5042-0901, 2 O-rings for vent valve, Viton, pn G1/833-65332, rotary vacuum pump oil 1 L, pn 6040-0834

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