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Corporate Citizenship Report 2010


Environmental Stewardship

Energy Conservation at Agilent

Agilent has increased energy conservation for each of the past five years, achieving a 10 percent conservation commitment to US EPA Climate Leaders Program one year ahead of schedule. Agilent also participates in the Carbon Disclosure Project of which we have transparency in our carbon emissions.

Agilent values, policies and our ISO14001 management system help us to achieve our energy-saving goals year after year. To get there, we have a broad range of initiatives: capital spending for energy conservation projects and solar power, operational improvements and employee action. In our 2010 fiscal year, we implemented energy conservation projects and operational improvements totaling 9.5 million Kilowatt-Hours, a 3.6 percent reduction from fiscal 2009.

With each passing year, Agilent increases its energy efficiency even as we grow our business. A year's worth of Agilent energy use in 2007 was 1,129 thousand gigajoules. In 2010, consumption had dropped to 938 thousand gigajoules. Refer to the "CCR Data Methodology" section for changes in Agilent's space footprint.

Our on-site solar-energy photovoltaic systems enabled us to reduce our CO2 emissions from grid electricity use. In our 2010 fiscal year we generated 3.34 million kilowatt-hours from our two 1-megawatt solar PV power installations in Santa Rosa and Santa Clara, Calif, and an additional 225 thousand kilowatt-hours from our partially owned solar PV installation in Waldbronn, Germany.



1 For FY 10 data - 2005 eGrid factors were used to calculate CO2 equivalent emissions from electricity consumption for US facilities, GHG protocol 2006 coefficients were utilized for all Non-US facilities.

2 Energy Conservation measures by applying the percentage by which energy efficiency was improved in the previous year to the GHG emissions of the current year.


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