At Agilent, good corporate citizenship is one of our core objectives and part of our heritage.


Agilent inherited a commitment to philanthropy from its parent company, Hewlett-Packard. The Agilent Technologies Foundation's roots go back to the founding of Agilent in 1999.

As a global company, Agilent's objective is to be an economic, intellectual and social asset in the countries and communities in which it operates.

Agilent’s philanthropic efforts, through the Agilent Technologies Foundation, focus on education and development in life sciences, thus fostering innovation and advancement in children’s education. The Foundation supports a range of pre-university-level science education programs aimed at helping students develop the critical thinking skills essential for tomorrow’s jobs.

In addition, the Foundation’s match of employee giving strengthens a broad range of nonprofit programs in communities where Agilent has a presence.

For more about Agilent's citizenship please see our Corporate Citizenship Report.

Audited Financial Statements

For more information about Agilent Foundation giving see the Audited Financial Statements (.pdf)

Pre-University Science Education Grants

Pre-university grants focus on educational programs and partnerships that encourage hands-on, inquiry-based science.

Foundation grants aim to reach the greatest number of students in order to have the widest possible influence in helping them develop the creativity and critical-thinking skills essential for tomorrow’s jobs.


Every year, the men and women of Agilent donate thousands of volunteer hours in support of the Foundation's focus on improving science education. In addition, the Foundation matches employee giving dollar-for-dollar to a wide range of nonprofit organizations.