Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Advanced Cell Therapy and Research Institute, Singapore (ACTRIS), to develop cell and gene therapy advancement over the next three years. 

The new partnership sets out to install and operate Agilent’s xCELLigence real-time cell analyzer, Seahorse XF technology, and other cell analysis portfolio in Singapore’s largest national cell and gene therapy process development and manufacturing facility at ACTRIS. 

Agilent’s state-of-the-art cell-based potency assays and metabolic analysis technologies will facilitate scientists in developing next-generation therapeutics and new application discoveries to potentially increase patients’ access to cell-based therapies across the broad spectrum of immunotherapy and precision medicine. The partnership also enables early access to Agilent’s new cell analysis platform that may be fundamental in developing cellular therapies for marketing authorization. 

"At ACTRIS, we seek to build capabilities that will progress cell therapy manufacturing for our patients. This partnership with Agilent will allow our partners access to Agilent's state-of-the-art product characterization technologies," said A/Prof Danny Soon, Interim Executive Director of ACTRIS. A/Prof Soon is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Consortium for Clinical Research and Innovation, Singapore and Executive Director of the Singapore Clinical Research Institute.

Chow Woai Sheng, Singapore General Manager and Vice President of Global Instrument Manufacturing at Agilent, said, “We are pleased to support Singapore’s next great frontier of cell and gene therapy. Our collaboration with ACTRIS aims to augment the nation’s role as a leading cell and gene therapy manufacturer and clinical services through enabling translational research and development. This new agreement reflects a strong testament to Agilent’s innovative technology advances in supporting the most promising areas of medical research, bringing great science to life.” 

Agilent has been investing in Singapore for more than 20 years. Established as the Asia Pacific Regional Center with over 600 scientists, skilled engineers and employees in the City State, its 172,000 sq ft facility located in Yishun house a Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) accredited manufacturing plant, an Agilent University, and a Global Solutions Development Center where its local scientists develop integrated end-to-end workflow methods and novel applications for projects locally, regionally, and globally.