Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced that both the NanoDis System and the innovative new style polychromator in the 5800 and 5900 ICP-OES have received Innovation Awards from The Analytical Scientist.

The recently launched NanoDis System utilizes cross-flow filtration—a concept traditionally used in industrial process chemistry—combined with conventional dissolution instruments to enable nanoparticle dissolution testing. Along with the introduction of automation for the complete workflow, the novel new system improves the process of introducing new drugs to market.

“The overwhelmingly positive response for the NanoDis System from the dissolution community has been quite remarkable,” said Michael Frank, associate vice president of global marketing, Agilent Liquid Phase Separation Division. “At Agilent, we strive to deliver products that support scientists and their need to prove reliable results in an efficient and effective way, which is exactly what the NanoDis System delivers.”

Design changes to the Agilent ICP-OES polychromator have improved the analytical performance of the latest Agilent ICP-OES instruments released earlier this year by lowering detection limits and improving spectral resolution. This modernization has not only improved the performance of the instrument but has also dramatically reduced the footprint and Argon gas consumption, making it a more sustainable option for laboratories.

“The new design of the polychromator is a real game-changer for our ICP-OES instruments moving forward, raising the bar for elemental analysis,” commented Keith Bratchford, vice president and general manager, Agilent Spectroscopy. “Receiving an Innovation Award from The Analytical Scientist is a testament to the great work that our R&D teams do, striving to continually find ways to improve the performance of our instruments.”

Through advancements like these, including Agilent’s Vaya Raman spectrometer for pharma QA/QC, which as well as being a gold winner in the R&D 100 awards, is also a finalist in The Medicine Maker’s Innovation Awards, Agilent is enacting its commitment to advancing the quality of life and progressing science. Agilent instruments and technologies help scientists to further disease research, develop advanced therapies, and ensure our water, food, air, and fuels are clean. The discoveries Agilent enables makes the world a better place to live.