Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced two new models of turbomolecular pumps to their innovative TwisTorr turbo pump range, both with a more compact design and smart capabilities.

The Agilent TwisTorr 305 FS and TwisTorr 305 IC pumps both come with smart connectivity, a new feature for Agilent turbomolecular pumps. An app called Vacuum Link, which can be installed on Apple or Android phones, enables users to communicate remotely with the pump, so they can quickly and easily type commands and modify parameters, to control the pump.

The TwisTorr 305 FS pump is a standalone unit, featuring an external remote controller. The TwisTorr 305 IC pump features an integrated controller, and very small footprint making it particularly appealing for original equipment manufacturers and other companies that want to integrate the pump in an instrument. The compact design of these pumps means they can fit into smaller spaces and be mounted in any position.

An advanced function enables users to extract log files so they can share pump operating data easily, saving time. It also enables quick communication with Agilent service and support teams, speeding up the company’s response time.

“Incorporating connectivity into this new range of turbo pumps makes them unique and means users can always stay on top of their experiments. These pumps are designed to be another milestone move in the digitalization of the lab," said Giampaolo Levi, vice president, and general manager of Agilent’s Vacuum Products Division.

Agilent turbomolecular pumps are compact, reliable, and energy-efficient, incorporating breakthrough technologies for best-in-class performance, reliability, and quality. TwisTorr turbo pumps provide excellent compression ratios, top-of-the-line pumping speed, and oil-free operation. With very good foreline tolerance pressure tolerance, TwisTorr pumps can be used with smaller backing pumps, thereby saving space and money.