Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced a new ICP-MS instrument, the Agilent 7850 ICP-MS System, that provides new smart tools to minimize common time traps that can affect ICP-MS analysis workflows. 

Building on decades of innovation, the 7850 ICP-MS combines market-leading performance with new smart software features that bring advanced capabilities to the routine ICP-MS laboratory. The new 7850 provides solutions that enable customers to be more productive and efficient while ensuring high-quality results.   

“The biggest impact of this new system will be in helping our customers avoid common time traps that can result in wasted time, higher costs, lower productivity, and ultimately staff stress and potential turnover,” said Keith Bratchford, vice president, and general manager, Agilent Spectroscopy. “The smart tools and streamlined workflows of the 7850 simplify ICP-MS analysis, assisting customers in each step of their typical sample analysis.”

“These smart features are particularly helpful for less experienced users who are often tasked with operating the ICP-MS in small- to medium-sized contract testing labs,” Bratchford added.

The costs to a lab that fails to recognize or address common time traps are not just limited to lost time and revenue. Unnecessary method setup steps, instrument checks, manual data reviews, and the need for sample reanalysis also place more pressure on busy lab staff. This workload can impact sample turnaround time and the quality of the results that customers expect—putting a laboratory’s reputation at risk.

The 7850 uses a configuration that is optimized to handle the range of sample types measured in typical ICP-MS applications while ensuring data is free from common sources of error. Smart tools help customers through the initial setup of the instrument and required methods, and guides users through the typical ICP-MS workflow that is used to measure sample batches. Smart functions also assist with data review, eliminating the need for an ICP-MS expert to perform the important step of verifying data quality.

The new 7850 is the smart way to ensure fast setup and streamlined analysis for great results in typical ICP-MS applications.